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SS/PPS 04.02 - Student Success Outstanding Employees

Student Success Outstanding Employees

SS/PPS No. 04.02
Issue No. 5
Effective Date: 8/30/2018
Next Review Date: 11/01/2022 (E4Y)
Sr. Reviewer: Executive Assistant to the Vice President for Student Success


    1. The Student Success (SS) Division is committed to the development of a supportive and cooperative relationship with all functional aspects of the academic mission of the university as well as the other administrative functions that support the overall mission of the university. The SS Division contributes to this mission through its routine business contacts, by attendance at lecture presentations, graduations, theater and athletic events, workshops, staff development programs, and memberships on permanent and ad hoc committees. The SS Division recognizes the importance of this day-to-day working relationship. The following procedures contribute to the implementation of this policy.

    2. The purpose of this policy and procedure statement (PPS) is to establish guidelines, procedures, and responsibilities for the recognition of outstanding SS Division classified and unclassified staff members and graduate assistants’ (GA) performance throughout the year.

    3. This SS/PPS is also designed to outline criteria for the selection of performance awards.


    1. The SS Outstanding Employee Performance Awards are initiated to serve several purposes, including the following:

      1. The award is a means through which outstanding SS Division employees can be recognized for outstanding service to the division or the university.

      2. The performance award program is designed as an incentive for other SS Division employees to excel in their individual assignments.

      3. The presentation of performance awards affords the opportunity for the vice president for Student Success (VPSS) and department heads to recognize those employees in the division throughout the year or at the annual division kick-off each year.

      4. The selection of the award recipients by the Division Student Success (DSS) Leadership Team for the annual division kick-off each year enhances the “team spirit” among units within the division.

      5. The VPSS may select an employee for a special Vice President Award each year at the annual division kick-off.

      6. The VPSS may grant outstanding performance leave to an employee for performance above and beyond their job responsibilities when deemed appropriate.

    2. Recognition for annual performance awards includes:

      1. $1,000 for each classified, unclassified, and facility service category outstanding employee along with an engraved plaque;

      2. $1,000 for the Vice President Award along with an engraved plaque, if presented;

      3. $500 for the outstanding GA with an engraved plaque;

      4. $250 for Outstanding Contribution with mounted certificate for a GA;

      5. $500 for Outstanding Contribution with mounted certificate for each classified, unclassified, and facility service category;

      6. $250 for Champions of Success selected by each department; and

      7. recognition of years of service (5 to 15) with certificate or (25 to 40+) with plaque.

    3. The presentation for all of the annual awards is made by the VPSS at the SS Division Kickoff at the beginning of each new academic year with the exception of the GA of the Year, which is awarded each May at the ceremony for the GAs in the division.


    1. To be eligible to receive the Outstanding Employee Performance Award, staff members must be employed full time in an SS Division department. A GA must be employed at least half time in an SS Division department or a GA in the SS Higher Education program to be eligible for a performance award.

    2. Criteria for selection of an annual performance award includes the following:

      1. The award recipient is well known for collaborating with others and has the ability to work effectively with others;

      2. The recipient shows strong commitment to job responsibilities, to the primary goals of the division, and to the goals of the university;

      3. The recipient’s reputation for dedication and service extends well beyond department or divisional lines;

      4. The recipient has been employed with the university at least one year; and

      5. Recipients may not be members of the DSS Leadership Team but may be considered for the Vice President Award.


    1. During the month of April, the VPSS executive assistant will distribute a memorandum to all employees of the SS Division soliciting nominations for the GA Awards.

    2. During the month of July, the VPSS executive assistant will distribute a memorandum to all employees of the SS Division soliciting nominations for the SS Employees of the Year.

    3. The Classified and Unclassified Awards will be placed on the DSS Leadership Team agenda in August. At these staff meetings, DSS Leadership Team will be presented with a ballot which includes the slate of nominees and any support material received with the nominations.

    4. During the meetings, directors will be provided with an opportunity to elaborate on nominees representing their departments. The vote will be cast, and the results tabulated. The results will remain confidential until the award is presented.


    1. University policy (see UPPS No. 04.04.30, University Leave Policy) allows a department head to grant leave with pay up to a maximum of 32 hours per employee each fiscal year as a reward for outstanding performance. Criteria for the award must be established and outlined in departmental policy.

    2. The department head or VPSS must clearly document actual performance for employees receiving the performance leave.

    3. The VPSS will consider granting outstanding performance leave when:

      1. an employee has gone above and beyond the responsibilities of their assigned duties; or

      2. an employee has assisted with an assignment or project that is not normally a part of their normal work duties or assignment; or

      3. an employee has demonstrated outstanding performance with a specified assignment or project.


    1. Reviewer of this PPS includes the following:

      Executive Assistant to the Vice President for Student SuccessNovember 1 E4Y

    This PPS has been approved by the following individuals in their official capacities and represents Texas State Student Success policy and procedure from the date of this document until superseded.

    Executive Assistant to the Vice President for Student Success; senior reviewer of this PPS

    Vice President for Student Success