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SS/PPS 03.05 - Environmental Service Fee Committee

Environmental Service Fee Committee

SS/PPS No. 03.05
Issue No. 1
Effective Date: 9/11/2020
Next Review Date: 9/01/2023 (E3Y)
Sr. Reviewer: Associate Vice President, Finance and Support Services Planning


    1. Specific objectives of the policy include:

      1. to establish an Environmental Service Fee Committee (ESFC);

      2. to ensure full student participation in the allocation of an environmental service fee; and

      3. to ensure the appropriate allocation and use of the environmental service fee reserve fund.

    2. The Environmental Service Fee was created by Senate Bill 1230 and passed by the Senate of the 78th Legislature of the State of Texas on May 12, 2003, and by the House of Representatives of the same Legislature on May 28, 2003. The act was signed into law by Governor Rick Perry on June 21, 2003, and went into effect on September 1, 2003.

    3. A committee to oversee the environmental service fee was created with the passing of the Environmental Service Fee Referendum (S.R.S 2003-2004/16) on March 8, 2004, by the Student Government of Texas State University.

    4. Per the Texas Education Code, Sec. 54.5111, the fee may be used only to provide environmental improvements at the university through services such as recycling, transportation, employment, product purchasing, matching funds for grants, planning, maintenance, and irrigation. The university shall retain any fee revenue that exceeds the amount necessary to cover current operating expenses for environmental services and any interest generated from the revenue. The university may not use any revenue from the fee to reduce or replace other money allocated by the university for existing projects.


    1. The ESFC will have 11 voting members and one ex-officio staff member appointed by the vice president for Finance and Support Services and who will serve as the account manager.

    2. The voting members include:

      1. three students appointed by the student body president;

      2. three students voted on by the Committee;

      3. three faculty members appointed by the provost and vice president for Academic Affairs (VPAA);

      4. one staff member appointed by the vice president for Student Success; and

      5. one staff member appointed by the vice president for Finance and Support Services.

    3. Membership guidelines are as follows:

      1. Members of the ESFC may serve consecutive years if appointed and approved by the respective vice president or student body president.

      2. Each respective vice president or student body president will appoint ESFC members by June 1 each year.

      3. The Chair will be one student and will be elected by the Committee members at the first meeting of the year.

      4. One member will serve as secretary for the Committee, and will take and archive minutes for each meeting, upload minutes to the website, and assist the Chair, as needed.

      5. Each respective vice president or student body president will be contacted by the Chair if members are not attending meetings.

      6. Members may be replaced on the ESFC if absent from more than two meetings.


    1. The ESFC will meet at least once a month but can meet more frequently if desired during the fall and spring long semesters. A quorum will consist of seven voting members present at a meeting.

    2. The ESFC will solicit applications for funding projects from university faculty, staff, and students. The application shall include a project sponsor who is either a university staff or faculty member and who is responsible for the purchasing records of the project. The application to request funds can be found on the Environmental Service Committee page.

    3. Criteria for selection and funding include:

      1. The project is sustainable in some way after the initial project funds.

      2. The project benefits the university community.

    4. Applications will be reviewed by the ESFC, discussed with the applicant, revised if any changes are deemed necessary, and voted on by the ESFC for approval. Applications will be approved by a majority vote of the ESFC members.

    5. Before the ESFC approves an application, the applicant and sponsor shall understand and agree to the following:

      1. They are responsible and accountable for the granted funds.

      2. The ESFC is not responsible for the management of project funds.

      3. The ESFC may cease funding if the terms are not met or funding is misappropriated.

      4. Awardees or sponsors will come to at least one meeting to present information on the progress of the project, management of funds, and the remaining budget if applicable.

      5. Funds must be fully expended in the fiscal year awarded or be approved by the ESFC for a two-year allocation dependent on the project timeline.

      6. Awardees will present a final report of the project, with photos, if applicable to the ESFC.

    6. The ESFC will annually review and revise an ESFC Handbook that outlines the program and funding continuity and accountability process as well as relevant purchasing procedures and financial processes for funding applicants and awardees.


    1. Reviewers of this PPS include the following:

      Position Date
      Associate Vice President, Finance and Support Services Planning June 1 E3Y
      Associate Vice President and Dean of Students June 1 E3Y
      Student Body President June 1 E3Y

    This PPS has been approved by the following individuals in their official capacities and represents Texas State Student Success policy and procedure from the date of this document until superseded.

    Associate Vice President, Finance and Support Services Planning, senior reviewer

    Vice President for Student Success