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UPPS 04.04.53 - Honors and Benefits for Retired Faculty and Staff

Honors and Benefits for Retired Faculty and Staff

UPPS No. 04.04.53
Issue No. 9
Effective Date: 8/26/2022
Next Review Date: 5/01/2026 (E4Y)
Sr. Reviewer: Vice President for University Administration


Texas State University is committed to maintaining relationships with retired faculty and staff.


    1. Retired faculty and staff constitute a vital part of the Texas State University community. It is appropriate for the university to maintain and encourage relationships with retired faculty and staff.

    2. Systematic relationships between the university and retired faculty and staff will be maintained through University Advancement.

    3. This policy documents the automatic and optional benefits and honors to be made available to retiring faculty and staff.

    4. In addition to the automatic and optional benefits outlined in this policy, eligible faculty, upon retirement, may qualify to receive the title of associate professor emeritus or professor emeritus in accordance with policies outlined in The Texas State University System (TSUS) Rules and Regulations and procedures established by the provost and vice president for Academic Affairs.


    1. Individuals eligible for the benefits described in this policy are defined as all of those persons who have retired from faculty and staff positions at Texas State. Retired shall be defined, in accordance with UPPS No. 04.04.52, Retirement Programs, as those persons eligible for full retirement benefits or reduced annuity benefits as determined under Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board provisions.

    2. Applicable honorary benefits are available to surviving spouses of retirees.

    3. Faculty on modified or phased retirement employment are eligible to receive the automatic and optional benefits outlined in this policy with any special conditions noted below.


    1. Each department offering benefits listed in Section 03.02 is responsible for implementing appropriate procedures for processing requests for the optional benefits they administer.

    2. Benefits provided to those persons who have retired from faculty or staff positions include:

      1. University Identification Card – a university identification card provided by ID Services denoting retired staff or denoting previous academic rank and the designation retired faculty. In the case of holders of an emeritus title, the identification card shall denote the appropriate emeritus title;

      2. Library Privileges – library privileges upon presentation of a retired faculty or retired staff identification card;

      3. Restricted Parking Permit – If retired, a complimentary restricted parking decal is available through Parking Services. If a retiree returns to work, they may continue to use the free permit or obtain a free permit. Retirees may retain a reserved space with the approval of the associate director of Parking Services; however, the annual cost of the reserved space to the retiree will be the current reserved rate charged to full-time faculty and staff;

      4. Athletic Tickets – Upon request, two complimentary general admission tickets to all regular season varsity athletic events, except football, will be provided upon presentation of a retired faculty or retired staff identification card at the event. Alternatively, retired faculty and staff may purchase two reserved season tickets to athletic events at the same rate available to full-time faculty and staff (Note: Retirees who have received free season athletic tickets in the past will continue to receive them). If such tickets are not claimed in any year, this privilege will be lost;

      5. Letterhead and Business Cards – a minimum order (as determined by Print and Mail Services) with last rank and title, retired, and the appropriate emeritus title if applicable, printed at cost, available through Print and Mail Services and paid for by the retiree;

      6. HillviewsHillviews magazine and other university mailings;

      7. Fine Arts Events – upon request, two complimentary tickets per event, upon payment of a ticket-processing fee; fundraisers excluded. Black-out dates for theatre apply;

      8. University Bookstore – discounts from the University Bookstore on certain purchases at the same rate as full-time faculty and staff, upon presentation of a retired faculty or retired staff identification card;

      9. Student Recreation Center – upon request, semester or annual membership to the Student Recreation Center at the same rates as full-time faculty and staff, upon presentation of a retired faculty or retired staff identification card;

      10. NetID, Microsoft 365 Web and Desktop Applications and Services – Access to a Texas State NetID, Microsoft 365 web and desktop applications, including email services are available upon request. Information Technology will ensure that retired faculty and staff using NetIDs will be included in the database used by the Texas State internet people search.

      11. Texas State Retired Faculty and Staff Association – free membership in the Texas State Retired Faculty and Staff Association;

      12. Distribution Lists – University Advancement will assure that retired faculty and staff who wish to maintain contact with the university will be added to mailing lists and email distribution lists used to send information to all faculty and staff at the university, college, and school levels. Departments are encouraged to include interested retirees on their mail and email distribution lists;

      13. Thesis and Dissertation Committee Participation – Holders of emeritus titles who were members of the graduate faculty at the time of their retirement are eligible to serve on thesis and dissertation committees. This is subject to approval by the department chair, school director, and the college dean and subject to the regular graduate faculty review process;

      14. Committee Membership – At the invitation of the appropriate university, college, department, or school, holders of emeritus titles may retain membership (without vote) in the university, college, and department or school committees of which they were members at the time of their retirement;

      15. Graduation – The Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs will invite retired faculty to march in academic regalia with the general faculty at each university graduation;

      16. Catalog Listings – The Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs will assure that holders of emeritus titles will be listed in each university undergraduate catalog; and

      17. Course Auditing – informal auditing of courses at no charge, provided that space is available, with the consent of the offering department or school and the faculty member teaching the course prior to the first class meeting.

    3. Retirees may be eligible to continue certain group insurance coverage. Eligibility information is available through Human Resources.

    4. Departments and schools are encouraged to list emeriti faculty (with email addresses, if available, and biographical material, if desired) on their websites.


    1. Responsibility for bestowing benefits are included below:

      1. Human Resources is responsible for notifying eligible retiring faculty and staff members of all automatic benefits they will receive and all optional benefits for which they are eligible.

      2. University Advancement is responsible for serving as liaison, as necessary, in relationships between eligible retirees and the university.


    1. Reviewers of this UPPS include the following:

      Vice President for University AdministrationMay 1 E4Y
      Vice President for University AdvancementMay 1 E4Y
      Assistant Vice President for Human ResourcesMay 1 E4Y
      Manager, ID ServicesMay 1 E4Y
      Chair, Staff CouncilMay 1 E4Y
      Chair, Faculty SenateMay 1 E4Y

    This UPPS has been approved by the following in their official capacities and represents Texas State policy and procedure from the date of this document until superseded.

    Vice President for University Administration; senior reviewer of this UPPS