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UPPS 01.03.02 - University Construction Policy

University Construction Policy

UPPS No. 01.03.02
Issue No. 6
Effective Date: 11/05/2020
Next Review Date: 9/01/2023 (E3Y)
Sr. Reviewer: Associate Vice President for Facilities


    1. This document sets forth university policy regarding all external contractor and combination of external contractor and in-house construction staff efforts for new construction, alteration, and demolition projects administered or performed on university facilities (whether owned, leased, or otherwise controlled by Texas State University). Facilities Operations, within the Facilities Department has responsibility for all repair, renewal, and maintenance of university controlled real estate and facilities. In some cases, this authority has been delegated to an auxiliary.

    1. Current space allocation and alteration request procedures include the Request for Renovation, New Space, or Change of Function form (see UPPS No. 01.03.01, Space Management, Space Management for more information) and the Furniture Request form which set out review and approval procedures for all proposed construction, alteration, and demolition projects.

      In addition to the above procedures, the director of Facilities Planning, Design, and Construction must review and approve proposed projects prior to beginning construction if using in-house resources or before the procurement process is initiated if the work is to be outsourced.

    2. University employees and volunteers who construct on university property or who make alterations or authorize the construction or alterations to university facilities without the Department of Facilities approval are subject to disciplinary action. The university may hold them liable for personal injuries, property damage, or other consequences of their actions, and may require them to remove any unauthorized work. Students, faculty, and staff will be subjected to disciplinary action appropriate to their standing in the university and will be afforded appeals based on that standing.

    3. Once the approval process is completed pursuant to Section 02.01, the requesting department must submit all project concept plans, furniture requests, prescriptive or performance specifications, and other related documents to the Department of Facilities for approval. Regulations and codes reviewed by the Department of Facilities, as they relate to submitted projects, include adherence to the following:

      1. The Texas State University System (TSUS) Rules and Regulations;

      2. TSUS Policies and Procedures Manual for Planning and Construction;

      3. International Building Codes;

      4. Texas Accessibility Standards;

      5. Texas Asbestos Health Protection Rules (see Texas State UPPS No. 04.05.15, Public Safety and Health for more information);

      6. NFPA Standard 101 - Life Safety Code;

      7. National Electric Code;

      8. Uniform Plumbing Code;

      9. Environmental Protection Agency;

      10. National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES);

      11. University Standards of Construction; and

      12. Antiquities Protection.

    4. The requesting department shall submit project concept plans, furniture requests, and other related documents to the Department of Facilities. This submission should occur at least 15 working days before initiating the procurement process if the university will outsource the work, or 15 days before the desired start date if the university will perform the work in-house. If the Department of Facilities denies the project as submitted, it will identify items out of compliance. If the Department of Facilities approves the project, it will notify the requesting department in writing.

      The architect or engineer, hired by the university through the Department of Facilities, will prepare drawings to be issued to the construction contractor showing dimensioning and listing of all construction, alterations, materials, and equipment. The drawings will be submitted by the architect or engineer to the Department of Facilities for review and approval before materials and systems are ordered to assure compliance with the University Master Plan and Campus-Wide Construction Standards. The Department of Facilities will make periodic construction reviews and approvals during the project.

    5. The Department of Facilities will convene a meeting prior to beginning construction in buildings where individuals or equipment (e.g., computer servers) will occupy the building during the construction period. At this meeting, contractors will apprise building occupants and equipment owners of the means and methods to use in the construction activity to identify and mitigate risks to building occupants and equipment.


    1. The associate vice president for Facilities has authority to accept or reject submissions and may delegate this authority to the director of Facilities Planning, Design, and Construction.

    1. Reviewers of this UPPS include the following:

      Associate Vice President for FacilitiesSeptember 1 E3Y
      Director, Facilities Planning, Design, and ConstructionSeptember 1 E3Y

    This UPPS has been approved by the following individuals in their official capacities and represents Texas State policy and procedure from the date of this document until superseded.

    Associate Vice President for Facilities; senior reviewer of this UPPS

    Vice President for Finance and Support Services