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UPPS 08.01.13 - Reservation Policies - LBJ Student Center and Student Center Mall

Reservation Policies - LBJ Student Center and Student Center Mall

UPPS No. 08.01.13
Issue No. 6
Effective Date: 1/21/2020
Next Review Date: 8/01/2030 (E10Y)
Sr. Reviewer: Director, LBJ Student Center


    1. The purpose of this policy is to establish priorities, regulations, restrictions, and responsibilities for individuals and organizations to reserve space in the LBJ Student Center (LBJSC), the Student Center Mall, (area located between Alkek Library and LBJSC) and the Quad (area located between Evans Liberal Arts Building and Flowers Hall).

    1. Room reservation requests will be accepted beginning in May for the fall semester and November for spring and summer semesters. Colleges, schools, and departments may request an earlier reservation window for national and international events. Student organization requests will begin one week prior to university department requests. Reservation requests for non-university clients will begin one week after university department requests. Student organizations and university departments must submit requests through the Event Management System (EMS) software. A Texas State University net ID is required to access the system.

      1. In EMS, there are separate templates for student organizations and university departments. Each template is clearly labeled with a description for use.

        1. Student organization requests are reviewed by Student Involvement and Conference Services.

        2. Departments are required to include cost and fund information at the time of request.

        3. Requests for reservations for non-university events can be submitted by filling out a form found on the Conference Services’ website.

        4. All reservations with food or beverages being served are required to submit a Food and Beverage Approval form for the reservation to be confirmed.

      2. Conference Services Rates - Priority Groups include:

        1. student organizations;

        2. university departments; and

        3. non-university events and off-campus clients.

    2. Student organizations must be registered with Student Involvement and in good standing with Conference Services to reserve space in the LBJSC.

      1. The officers listed on the organization registration with Student Involvement are considered authorized representatives and can request space for their organization.
    3. Space reserved in the LBJSC will be scheduled for programs, activities, and special events. Academic classes will not be scheduled in the LBJSC, with the exception of the Teaching Theater.

    4. Indirect sponsorship of events is not permitted. This means that a registered student organization or university department cannot schedule a room for an outside organization’s sole use. Co-sponsorship is permitted with an outside organization if the university department or student organization is responsible for the event planning process, event production the day of the event, and all charges related to the event. A member of the sponsoring organization must be present at the event.

    5. University security officers, provided by the University Police Department (UPD), may be required for events scheduled outside regular operating hours, as determined by the director of UPD, or designee. All reservations extending after 11 p.m. will follow rules and regulations as noted on the LBJSC late night policy, SA/PPS No. 08.03, Management for Late Night Events. The sponsoring organization is financially responsible for security charges.

    6. Special approval is required for events with alcoholic beverages served. Approval must be obtained as outlined in UPPS No. 05.03.03, Alcoholic Beverage Policy and Procedure before space will be confirmed. A minimum of one licensed UPD officer is required for events with alcohol service at the LBJSC. Additional officers may be required as determined by UPD administrative personnel. The sponsoring organization shall assume financial responsibility for security.

    7. All university solicitation regulations and laws of the state of Texas shall govern space usage in conjunction with fundraising. Solicitation events held in the mall are limited to five consecutive days by any one organization or group (see UPPS No. 07.04.03, Solicitation on Campus).

    8. Rates associated with reservations of space in the LBJSC are found in the Policies and Pricing webpage and include the following:

      1. Room Rental Rates – Room rental rates for non-university events and off-campus clients can be found in the Off Campus Users/Non- University Events webpage.

      2. Early Open and Late Close Rates – Fees will be assessed for use of the facilities prior to or beyond posted building hours. In no instance will events be scheduled prior to 6 a.m. or beyond 2 a.m.

      3. Set-Up Rates – any alteration requested to a standard room set-up or failure to return room to original set. A set-up fee is always charged for ballroom usage and is included in ballroom packages.

      4. Equipment and A/V Rates – the LBJSC has audio, visual, and other event- related equipment available for use by groups reserving space.

      5. No-Show, Late Cancellation, and Late Request Rates – Fees for these items will be charged according to the policies found in the Cancellation, No-Show and Late Request Policies webpage.

      6. Labor Rates – Conference services will charge for items involving labor, such as decorating, dedicated technical support, and staff member time.


    1. Reservation requests for student organizations and university departments are to be submitted through EMS. Reservation requests for non-university events and off-campus clients are submitted through the Conference Services’ website.

    2. The cancellation of an event must be received in writing through EMS or via email to conference services at, according to the cancellation policies.

    3. Conference services reservation policies can be found here.

    4. Conference Services reserves the right to reassign rooms as necessary. The LBJSC will notify at minimum 24 hours in advance of changes to reservations.

    5. In case of a scheduling conflict, the coordinator of Conference Services will make a final decision in consultation with the associate director of Operations and the director of the LBJSC, or designee, and the affected group, college, or department.

    6. The reserving party should indicate on the reservation request form any decorating time required. The reserving party is responsible for overtime charges related to decorating time. All decorations must be approved by the coordinator of Conference Services and must be removed at the conclusion of the event. This includes tablecloths, centerpieces, crafts, and flowers.

      1. No open flames are allowed, including candles and sterno.

      2. The application of any substance to the floor is strictly prohibited.

      3. No liquid of any kind may be used for decorations other than approved water-based paint for specific university-sponsored displays on windows (such as homecoming).

      4. Sawing, hammering, painting, etc., is not allowed in the building or surrounding and adjoining premises.

      5. Objects may not be secured to the ceiling or walls.

      6. No glitter is allowed anywhere in the LBJSC.

    7. It is the responsibility of the reserving party to leave the room in the same condition as when the meeting began. Any damage or loss to the room or equipment will be the responsibility of the reserving party. A set-up fee will be assessed to the reserving party if standard room set-ups are altered.


    1. All events serving food and beverages must have a Food and Beverage Approval Form submitted to Conference Services five days prior to the reservation.

    2. LBJSC catering policies can be found here.


    1. The location of tables or booths placed in the mall is determined by the coordinator of Conference Services. Relocation of tables or booths is not allowed without permission by the coordinator of Conference Services, or the assistant or associate director of Operations.

    2. Reserving parties conducting any solicitation must obtain appropriate solicitation approval through the Office of Student Involvement. Distribution of food or beverages must be approved through the solicitation process and food waiver forms must be completed (see UPPS No. 07.04.03, Solicitation on Campus).

    3. Groups soliciting in the mall may not interfere with the flow of traffic and must have a member of the organization present at their table or booth at all times.

    4. Events using sound equipment in the mall and the LBJ Amphitheater, must be approved by the associate director of Student Involvement, or designee, and must be scheduled during specifically agreed-upon times.

    5. Organizations can reserve tables through the Conference Services Office. Assigned locations will be determined by the Conference Services Office.

    6. Any organization found in violation of this policy will be asked to vacate their assigned location, and their reservation will be cancelled.


    1. Reviewers of this UPPS include the following:

      Director, LBJ Student CenterAugust 1 E10Y
      Associate Director, LBJ Student CenterAugust 1 E10Y
      Assistant Director, LBJ Student Center ServicesAugust 1 E10Y

    This UPPS has been approved by the following individuals in their official capacities and represents Texas State policy and procedure from the date of this document until superseded.

    Director, LBJ Student Center; senior reviewer of this UPPS

    Associate Vice President for Student Success and Dean of Students

    Vice President for Student Success