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UPPS 08.01.07 - Sewell Park

Sewell Park

UPPS No. 08.01.07
Issue No. 7
Effective Date: 3/24/2020
Next Review Date: 1/01/2023 (E3Y)
Sr. Reviewer: Director, Campus Recreation


    1. This policy establishes priorities, procedures, requirements, responsibilities, and fees for individuals and organizations seeking to utilize Texas State University’s Sewell Park facilities.

    1. Sewell Park is a property of Texas State, and it is administered by Campus Recreation. Generally, it is open to the public as long as applicable policies and procedures are followed.

      1. The university reserves the right to remove any individuals whose conduct is not appropriate.

      2. Individuals can be removed by Campus Recreation staff, officers from the University Police Department (UPD), or any other official of the university in the scope of their duties.

      3. The university has the right to request a photo identification of those individuals who may be in violation of Sewell Park’s policies and procedures.

    2. Night Curfew in Sewell Park – Only authorized persons are allowed to enter Sewell Park before 6 a.m. or remain in the park past 11 p.m.


    1. General – It is prohibited for a person to:

      1. intentionally or knowingly interfere with, disrupt, or prevent the orderly conduct of any program by the Campus Recreation department;

      2. intentionally or knowingly make unreasonable noise or use electronic equipment, including electrical speakers, at a volume which emits sound beyond the person’s immediate picnic site;

      3. intentionally or knowingly appear nude in Sewell Park;

      4. take, remove, destroy, deface, tamper with, or disturb any artifact or cultural feature or take, remove, or disturb any rock, soil, gem, mineral, fossil, or other geological deposit from or in Sewell Park;

      5. use a metal detector in Sewell Park;

      6. mutilate, injure, destroy, pick, cut, or remove any plant or animal life from or in Sewell Park. Employees of the department, peace officers, park rangers, emergency personnel, and state-authorized personnel are exempt from these rules to the extent these rules conflict with the discharge of their official duties;

      7. engage in disruptive, destructive, or violent conduct which endangers property or the health and safety of any person. Offenders may be ordered to leave the park by a peace officer, park ranger, or Campus Recreation department personnel, and may not return to the park before receiving permission from the aforementioned entities; and

      8. engage in skateboarding and freestyle- or trick-biking. Exceptions will be made for persons utilizing skateboards or bikes for the exclusive purpose of transportation.

    2. Motor Vehicles – It is prohibited to:

      1. drive a motor vehicle or an all-terrain vehicle in Sewell Park that is not on an improved roadway, with the exception of service vehicles approved by Campus Recreation staff;

      2. park a motor vehicle or trailer in Sewell Park in any area that is not designated by signs or markings for parking;

      3. operate or use a motor vehicle, all-terrain vehicle, or bicycle on a trail or path not designated and posted for use by such conveyances or to use a trail or path in a dangerous or reckless manner; and

      4. abandon, store, or leave a vehicle, boat, trailer, or other personal property in Sewell Park during park curfew hours or after closing time.

    3. Display or Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages in Sewell Park – It is prohibited for any person to consume or display alcoholic beverages within Sewell Park (see UPPS No. 05.03.03, Alcoholic Beverage Policy and Procedure). This includes:

      1. while standing, sitting, or walking along the water’s edge; and

      2. transporting alcohol to or from the river through Sewell Park; and

      Persons must comply with a peace officer, park ranger, or department personnel if a request to inspect personal property for violations is made.

    4. Prohibition of Glass Containers

      1. It is prohibited for any person to possess any glass container in Sewell Park.

      2. It is unlawful for any person to possess any glass beverage container in or on the waters of the San Marcos River (see Code 1970, § 18-10; Ord. No. 1995-14).

    5. Tobacco and Smoking Policy – The use of tobacco products is prohibited in Sewell Park. Tobacco products include all types of tobacco, cigarettes, cigars, smokeless tobacco, electronic cigarettes, vaporizers, pipes, and hookahs (see UPPS No. 04.05.02, Tobacco and Smoking Policy).


    1. It is prohibited to:

      1. hunt, harm, harass, disturb, trap, confine, catch, possess, or remove wildlife from or in Sewell Park;

      2. release any fish, baitfish, plant, or other aquatic organism into the waters of Sewell Park;

      3. fish, grapple, or catch and release, in an area where fishing is prohibited by signage;

      4. light, build, or maintain a fire within Sewell Park except in a facility or device provided, maintained, or designed for such purposes;

      5. collect or gather wood in Sewell Park;

      6. camp in Sewell Park;

      7. use any water or drinking fountain, pool, sprinkler, reservoir, lake, river, or any other water body in the park for the purpose of washing or cleaning pets, persons, clothing, or other personal belongings; and

      8. deposit wastewater, sewage, or effluent from sinks, toilets, or other plumbing fixtures upon or into the grounds of Sewell Park.

    2. Fishing is prohibited from any bridge in Sewell Park. Fishing is only permitted from the watercraft access dock. Any persons fishing from the dock must give right-of-way to watercraft users or Campus Recreation participants.

    3. Employees of the department, peace officers, park rangers, emergency personnel, and state authorized personnel are exempt from these rules to the extent these rules conflict with the discharge of their official duties.


    1. Domesticated animals are not allowed at Sewell Park, with the following exceptions:

      1. An appropriately trained service animal must meet the specific criteria outlined in the Procedures for Service or Assistance Animals to be exempt from rules that otherwise restrict or prohibit animals on campus (also see UPPS No. 07.11.01, Disability Services for Students).

      2. Campus Recreation staff can request any person remove a service animal that is being disruptive or exhibiting threatening behavior.

      3. Service animals must be tethered at all times.

    2. If an unrestrained or unattended animal is observed, the university will attempt to locate the animal’s owner. If the owner is not located, the City of San Marcos Animal Services will be contacted to remove the animal from university property (see UPPS No. 04.05.15, Public Safety and Health).

    3. The feeding of at-large or wild animals is not allowed on Texas State property (see UPPS No. 04.05.15, Public Safety and Health).


    1. It is prohibited to:

      1. use any type of electric cooking appliance;

      2. use any type of charcoal or wood cooking appliance, grill, pit, smoker, or apparatus;

      3. use any type of cooker, fryer, or other oil-based appliance for cooking or heating food;

      4. have or use a propane grill at any location other than at a department-provided fixed picnic table;

      5. use any type of grill or cooking device within five feet of a combustible object; or

      6. have a propane tank in excess of 20 pounds.

    2. Upon approval, only one propane grill or propane cook stove is permitted at each fixed picnic table.

    3. The director may permit uses identified in Section 06.01 for designated events as part of an event reservation.


    1. All swimming at Sewell Park is at the swimmer’s own risk. Lifeguards are not present or on duty.

    2. Jumping or diving from bridges or trees is prohibited.


    1. The following items are prohibited:

      1. styrofoam products including, but not limited to, coolers, ice chests, cups, plates, toys, floats, kickboards, rings, or swim gear;

      2. portable tables, or any type of table, unless the department authorizes an event organizer to temporarily erect or install such tables as part of an approved event reservation; and

      3. tents, tarps, sunshades, shelters, or umbrellas, other than hand-held umbrellas, unless the department authorizes an event organizer to temporarily erect or install such items as part of an approved event reservation.


    1. Reservation Request Form

      1. Reservations must be submitted online through a digital request form, to the Outdoor Center in Sewell Park.

      2. All Sewell Park reservations must be approved by the designated Outdoor Recreation staff person. Any event reservations of Sewell Park that will not be paid by inter-departmental transfer are required to make their payment in full before the start of the event.

      3. Reservations are accepted one semester in advance on the first class day of that semester. Reservations for fall and spring semesters are approved on a first-come, first-served basis.

      4. Outdoor Recreation will accept reservations for summer semesters in January on the first class day.

      5. Outdoor Recreation will notify Facilities of all planned events at Sewell Park at least 14 calendar days before the event.

    2. Reservation Confirmation Meeting – After an event is approved, the hosting group must schedule a confirmation meeting with the designated Outdoor Recreation staff person no less than 10 calendar days prior to the event date to review park rules, policies, and walk through the park.

    3. Reservation Eligibility

      1. Group reservations are limited to currently active and officially- recognized Texas State student or campus organizations and clubs and academic and support staff departments.

      2. Reservations for non-Texas State-sponsored groups or individuals are not generally allowed. However, Outdoor Recreation will evaluate these requests on an individual basis.

      3. Reservations do not grant exclusive access to the park; however, groups can reserve the pavilion, basketball court, volleyball courts, and Sewell Park West.

    4. Event Hours for Sewell Park

      1. All events occurring outside the Outdoor Center’s normal business hours, including weekends, will incur a fee of $12 to $16 per hour to pay for each Outdoor Center attendant. Outdoor Recreation will determine staffing requirements.

      2. All scheduled events must end by 11 p.m.

    5. Amplified Sound

      1. Amplified sound that is at a volume which emits sound beyond the person’s immediate picnic site is prohibited, unless the event organizer receives expressed written permission from the LBJ Student Center and Outdoor Recreation staff to temporarily use such equipment.

      2. Event organizers must submit an Outdoor Events with Amplified Sound Request form to Student Involvement at the LBJ Student Center (see SS/PPS No. 08.02, Conducting Outdoor Musical Events During the Evening Hours).

      3. Amplified sound requests must be submitted at least 10 days in advance of the scheduled event date.

    6. 220-Volt and Additional Electricity Use

      1. Reserving groups must notify Facilities in advance of concerts or events requiring 220-volt electricity. The reserving party will incur an additional fee. Such events must follow the university policy for concerts and amplified music (see SS/PPS No. 08.02, Conducting Outdoor Musical Events During the Evening Hours).

      2. Facilities requires Outdoor Recreation’s written approval for additional lighting or power use. This service incurs an additional fee. The sponsoring organization must submit a work request to Facilities for additional lighting or power use no later than 14 calendar days before the event.

    7. Reservable Additions – The following additional items may be reserved:

      1. recreation equipment;

      2. additional trash cans;

      3. electricity access;

      4. tables and chairs – can be requested 14 calendar days in advance with Materials Management and Logistics for an additional fee;

      5. portable restroom facilities – sponsoring organizations will arrange for and pay for portable restroom facilities for large events as deemed necessary by Outdoor Recreation staff; and

      6. tents or driving vehicles – will be coordinated by Facilities and Outdoor Recreation staff for events that require setting up tents or driving vehicles into the park by marking irrigation lines and heads prior to use.


    1. When a group or organization has an approved facility reservation, a sponsor or designated organization representative must remain within the Sewell Park area throughout the function.

    2. Organizations using Sewell Park facilities must comply with all policies, as written on the Campus Recreation website and this policy.

    3. Vehicle Access

      1. Non-university vehicles entering Sewell Park require permission from Outdoor Recreation staff.

      2. Drivers may move vehicles in for set-up and take-down but may not park vehicles in the park during the event.

      3. Approved vehicles permitted in the park must operate on sidewalks and slabs only, never on the grass.

      4. Employees of the department, peace officers, park rangers, emergency personnel, and university-authorized personnel are exempt from these rules to the extent these rules conflict with the discharge of their official duties.

      5. Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management (EHSRM)

        1. Any event that will have food present in any capacity must follow all food safety regulations established by and receive approval from EHSRM.

        2. The hosting party must use a university-approved caterer (see List of Approved Caterers).

        3. Reserving groups may request permission to use open flame devices in Sewell Park by submitting an Open Flame Permit to EHSRM at least 10 days before the event date.


    1. Organizations using Sewell Park are responsible for property damage or theft from reserved facilities. The reserving party will reimburse Texas State for expenditures that result from incidents occurring during the time of their reservation. Outdoor Recreation will work with Facilities and Financial Services or the university treasurer to establish appropriate charges for damaged property or theft. The assistant director of Outdoor Recreation, or designee, will deduct the damages from the security deposit and will collect any damages in excess of the deposit from the appropriate individuals.

    2. Organizations will notify the Outdoor Recreation office of reservation cancellations at least 10 calendar days in advance of the reserved date. A credit voucher will be issued to the organization for the amount collected to date. This credit will be applied for a future reservation. Failure to comply with this responsibility, except due to bona fide emergencies, may adversely affect future reservation requests.

    3. Personnel using restroom facilities will ensure that all lights and water valves are turned off when not needed to reduce expenses and maximize utility conservation.


    1. Large groups of 200 or more using Sewell Park for evening functions must pay for UPD personnel. The director of UPD and Outdoor Recreation staff will determine the number of officers needed. The director of UPD reserves the right to substitute guard personnel for police personnel, depending on the number of participants anticipated and the nature of the event.

    2. Outdoor Recreation and UPD will make all arrangements for scheduling UPD personnel. Final approval of the reservation depends on UPD’s ability to staff the event.


    1. Reviewers of this UPPS include the following:

      Director, Campus RecreationJanuary 1 E3Y
      Associate Director, Campus RecreationJanuary 1 E3Y
      Assistant Director, Outdoor RecreationJanuary 1 E3Y
      Associate Vice President for Student Success and Dean of StudentsJanuary 1 E3Y
      Director, University Police DepartmentJanuary 1 E3Y

    This UPPS has been approved by the following individuals in their official capacities and represents Texas State policy and procedure from the date of this document until superseded.

    Director, Campus Recreation; senior reviewer of this UPPS

    Associate Vice President for Student Success and Dean of Students

    Vice President for Student Success